Monday, August 17, 2009

Kiddie pool debut

This weekend was an especially sweet escape from the city.... it's always great to head North to decompress but this time the rainbow kiddie pool was in tow! After a valiant, 2-layer, lungs only inflate by Mike, I remembered that the air pump was likely hiding up in the quonset hut. Indeed it was, along with all of the other miscellaneous leftovers of a 5-year building project that I will likely never need or use again (or throw out!). We avoided heart attacks and pumped up our little portable paradise in just a few strokes. After untangling the garden hose for it's first use of the Summer, we found a sweet, semi-level spot and filled that baby up! ICE COLD! That well water comes from deep in the earth and even in the extreme heat and sun, it was a shocker to submerge for the first time. But what sweet relief after stretching out on that blanket under the brutal mid-day sun. Almost as sweet as the mop bucket filled with ice and coldies. Almost as sweet as that new red & white polka dot bikini (not on me!!!). Someday, I hope the Skull has a beautiful, naturalistic stone pool (and guest house and tree house and sweat lodge and hot tub and garden, etc...) But for now, that cheepo kiddie pool from The Baloon Saloon is keeping us kiddies happy. And at night, those steaks and corn on the grill did the trick too. What a life... the skull life.

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  1. Never loose track of the kid inside! It's dangerous, you might die of boredom or get overheated :)
    Love the houses, both the Scull and your home shown on The Selby